Cute house: Do this to it!

Wow! I have not done one of these posts since July.. JULY! I’m telling you, homes are just not staying the market long enough. It isn’t even an inventory problem.. more of a high demand problem (well not really a problem!). If you are thinking of selling, do not hesitate. Give me a call today to get the process going!

This home just spoke to me when it hit the market back in late August.. now how does a home sit around that long in this market? Well, it is a unique home and it needs a buyer with a vision… I just so happen to have some great ideas for you! And full disclosure, this is not my Listing and I have not been in the home.. but even with that said, I still think it has some MAJOR potential! And did I mention that it’s a one owner custom built home sitting on 2 acres, with a 20 acre common area, and has some pretty great views of the Highwood Mountains!!

I mean look at the potential! I think cleaning up the landscaping a bit and a fresh coat of paint could go a long way!

Right behind that big tree is a beautiful oversized window. Trim the trees back a bit and you’re good to go.

The fireplace is cute. But if it’s not your style, I bet you could look into salvaging the chimney and building out a beautiful double sided, stone fireplace.

I think you could salvage the cabinets by staining them a darker color. Replace the appliances and the counters with a marble slab with lots of movement!

It has a really great pantry area. Just keep it nice and tidy! 😉

Look at all the gorgeous windows in the dining room! And I love the open shelving for displaying books or pretty serving ware.

Again, I think you could salvage the cabinets, if they’re in good shape. Just sand and stain a dark brown. Add a marble top, new mirror and lighting. And if you’re feeling brave, plaster the walls!

I really love the wood throughout the home. Keep it all as is. Just layer in lots of cozy linens and vintage rugs.

If you don’t feel like a major bathroom remodel, just swapping out the tile for a pretty stone slab and an unlacquered faucet would go along way to bringing this 90’s bath into 2022.

Of course I can’t find a great inspo photo but just follow the vibe of the photo below and you’ll be golden!

The home only has two bedrooms (there might be room for more in the basement). So if you have kiddos, this would a fun opportunity to do a bunk room.

Finish this room off and make it either another bedroom or a movie room.

I’ll end on an image of the view… because it looks pretty darn nice!

So what do you think? Want this to be your next home?? If so, let’s go take a look before it’s gone.

*Home is active on the market at the time of this post. If you read this at a later date, the home may be sold or off the market. Contact me to for more information or to find a similar home. All opinions are my own. And of course, there is nothing wrong with this house as it is.. I just got inspired to show what I would do.

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