Staging your home: The Kitchen

Staging your home is an important step in Selling fast and for top dollar.  You can go all out and hire a company.  Or you can just shop your home and/or put a few dollars into some basics that you can bring with when the home sells.

Let’s start with the kitchen.  It’s the heart of the home and is usually what helps sell the house!

Clear it.  Get everything off the counters, take the kids art off the fridge.  Bring back only the necessities.  If you don’t need it while your home is on the market, why not box it up now.


Clean like you’ve never cleaned before!  If you have solid surface counters, take the time to polish them.  Wipe down your back-splash, cover-plates, hardware, cabinets, appliances, above the fridge, light fixtures.  Make everything look brand new.

Don’t forget to clean the inside of your cabinets and Appliances– Buyers will look inside.


Now layer in some accessories.  Use neutral items.  Wood, clear glass, white dinnerware.  Of course there are exceptions, but don’t use anything too specific to your taste.

If your barstools are looking tired, buy new ones- you can use them in your new home!  If not, reupholster or paint them.


Don’t cook anything stinky while your home is on the market— nobody wants to smell last nights ribs or this mornings eggs.  Use this as an excuse to eat takeout or go on a dinner date.

And ditch the Scentsy while you’re at it.  Some people are extremely sensitive to smells.  Or they might think you’re using it to cover up a pet odor or water damage- not the impression you want to put on potential buyers.


Fresh fruit and greenery are always great for staging.

Find yourself a cute dish towel and pretty soap (TJ Max has nice looking soap).  Keep the Dawn dish soap and scrubby brushes under the kitchen sink.  Use lidded baskets to hide things you use multiple times a day.


For the necessities you don’t want to stash away- hello coffee maker:  Keep it simple and clean.  Put your coffee in a pretty lidded jar.  Keep your coffee cups cohesive.  Keep all the handles pointed in the same direction.  Trays help keep things in their designated spot and feel less cluttered.



Don’t hesitate to bake some cookies.  That’s one smell almost every Buyer loves!


Stay tuned for more staging tips!  What should I do next?  Bathrooms, Front door, bedrooms?

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