Living Room

Our living room is a work in progress. But I’m happy with the direction it’s going. I’m still on the hunt for a new console table to go under the TV.  Trying to find a cute console table that’s at least 80 inches and is not a million dollars is hard. And I need some new side tables, etc.  It was clean (for five minutes) the other day so I took it as an excuse to take some pictures!


We love our sectional.  It’s a custom Jonathan Louis.  They had like 100 fabric swatches to choose from and we could pick the legs, arms, length, etc.  It was fun picking it out.  Our wonderful, sweet, sweet puppy has chewed a few holes in the cushions.. but let’s not get into that.


This is my favorite spot to sit and sip coffee and check my phone every morning.


The big tree was an awesome Craigslist score.  $55 for a house plant that big, yes please!!!  It’s about 9 ft tall.  I re-potted it and viola!  It weighs a million pounds and my kids like to dig in it with their toys.  But I love it!


See that big empty spot below the TV.. If anyone knows of a great console or if you come across a cool vintage table, let me know.




The end!

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