Staging your home: The Front Door

We all know good Curb Appeal will help sell a home.  So why are there so many sad looking front doors out there?!  It’s literally the first thing people see when entering your home.  Make it clean and welcoming.

If your door needs a fresh coat of paint- DO IT!  Take an afternoon and freshen it up.  I love a good colorful door but don’t go too crazy when your intentions are to Sell.  The young bachelor might not like that perfect shade of lavender as much as you do.

Sweep the steps.  Windex the glass.  Polish the handle.  Remove the spiderwebs covering the porch light and replace the bulb if needed.  If it’s dated, replace it!    Don’t overlook the house numbers and mailbox.


Add a cute door mat.  It’s an excuse to take a trip to Target!  Layer in a larger rag rug underneath for a polished, grander look.



If it’s Summer or Spring- potted flowers

Studio Mcgee

Fall- Mums or pumpkins

Sublime Decor

Holidays- a simple wreath or greenery will do

Chris Loves Julia

Viola!  So simple yet so often looked over when getting a home ready to sell.

Get the look:

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