Girls room design

I saw these heart prints  this morning and was totally inspired to put together a cute girls room.  Sometimes it gets old shopping for boys only!

Let’s be real… wishing you had a daughter just so you can decorate their room is NOT a reason to have a child.  Hah!  So here is little inspiration for those of you who do have little girls to decorate for.

I’d frame them side by side and blown up in these super affordable white frames.


Hang them over a rattan day bed of course.

mood board

These sheets give me major Lisa Frank 90’s vibes.  In a good way.


And this adorable comforter


Add in some pretty pillows.  Like these and these.

Love this peach pillow.  And don’t you dare forget a heart shaped pillow.

The girl totally needs a comfy oversized poof to chill out on.


This quilt would look amazing hanging on the wall.


Cute neon sign.. necessary.


Add a little contrast with this rug.  [I want this rug real bad for the boys room… but they can’t handle anything white tbh.]


Go a bit glam with this chandelier.



And two of these on either side of the bed.


I would totally do a vintage dresser.  But this one is pretty cute too.

With a pretty mirror above it.


And a comfy chair in the corner for story time.



I could probably shop around for this room all day [don’t get me started on accessories!] but I better go.  Hope you liked it!

1 thought on “Girls room design

  1. Too bad your mom lacked such good decorating skills when you were young. That would be an adorable room!


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