Must have fireplaces +Real Estate Round Up

This last week has been cold and overcast.. and now snowing, here in Montana.  If there was ever a time I wish I had a fireplace, this is it!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Did you know there are currently 57 homes For Sale with a fireplace in Great Falls?!  Well, if I were house hunting today, a fireplace would be a must have.  I did the dirty work for you and searched the MLS for 10 of my favorite homes with that must have feature.  Enjoy!

1, 2

3, 4

5, 6

7, 8


9, 10

See something you like, call me today to schedule a showing.

*The Listings in this post are active on the market at the time of posting. If you read this at a later date, the homes may be sold or off the market. Contact me to for more information or to find a similar home. All opinions are my own. 

1 thought on “Must have fireplaces +Real Estate Round Up

  1. A fireplace is so nice when you live in Montana.


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