I am obsessed with this home- Jenni Kayne

Sometimes I come across a home that is so timeless, original and just downright amazing.  I first saw the Jenni Kayne home a few years ago and still love looking through the pictures every time I need a little interior inspo.

Let’s start with the stunning entry framed out in reclaimed barn wood.  All the greenery and large windows are just the icing on the cake.


The interior is the perfect perfect balance of minimalism and boho.


I certainly wouldn’t mind having her art collection.  Gallery walls are really hard to pull off but this is spot on.


She says “one of the best things about this house is that it’s easy to live in with a family”.

Her kids must not be as messy as mine with that white sofa.


We didn’t put in a fireplace but might down the road… wouldn’t mind one just like this.  And that leather chair is perfection.


This is the perfect room to lay around binge watching Stranger Things 2.  Although, something tells me, if you own a home like this, you aren’t binge watching anything on Netflix..  shame.


The shelves are styled to perfection.  I’ll take a glass of champagne, please.


You could throw one hell of a dinner party with this dining room.



The kitchen is simple, modern and functional.  Just as a kitchen should be.


I love the play room.  There’s so much going on, yet it doesn’t feel messy.  My kids would love swapping out their art on the string display.  That would be such an easy DIY.



I own a Moroccan wedding blanket just like this and tried it out the floor after seeing this image.  They have super sharp vintage sequins.  I immediately had one jam into my barefoot.  So, not the most kid friendly rug 😉  but it does look so cute in this shot.

Also, the lush green view out the gorgeous black windows is pretty much perfection.


All images are from One Kings Lane.


1 thought on “I am obsessed with this home- Jenni Kayne

  1. Wood ceilings are beautiful, especially when they are vaulted. I prefer white if they are low so it doesn’t feel closed in. That first listing is gorgeous! If only!

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