2022 Home Design Trends

If one of your New Years resolutions includes updating a room in your home, listen up! Here is a list of the top design trends for 2022.

Vintage, vintage, vintage!!

They just don’t make furniture like they used to! Or rugs, or art. Instead of filling up our landfills with junk that’s not made to last, more and more people are shopping Etsy, Facebook Marketplace and local antique and thrift stores. Saving an old piece that has history not only feels good but it adds so much character to your space.

Checkered Pattern

Checkers are back! Checkered floors. CHECK! Rugs, towels, bedding. Check, check, check! I am particularly fond of this trend and am hopping on the bandwagon with a ‘new to me’ vintage rug for my kitchen!


Sofas and coffee tables with a modern twist. Sculptural lamps. I recently ordered a low curvy lounge chair for my living room and I’m literally counting down the days for it’s arrival!

Arched doorways and windows have been so popular in that couple of years and I think they’re here to stay.



Remember 5 years ago when we all started going super monochrome and ditched all the colorful things in our home?! Just me?.. Well bring it all back!

And paint your white walls while you’re at it! When we built our home, we did not put one single color on our walls. White walls and trim all the way! But I have since added color to a few rooms and it feels so good. I have plans for even more paint in my near future.

Venetian Plaster and Lime Wash

This trend is probably not for everyone as it can be expensive to install and might not hold up to dirty kid fingers. But man it is beautiful! I toured a designers home last summer and was completely obsessed over the warmth and texture on her walls. It was lime wash and I am SOLD! The more popular and circa 2008 version is venetian plaster.. it’s back, baby!

Home Office

Since the invention of smart phones and Ipads, it seems the days of playing Sims and staying up late instant messaging your friends in the family’s home office have drifted away (if you know you know! lol). But with covid and more and more people working remotely, the home office is back. We brought one back to our home last year and it is a game changer.

Mixing Design Styles

Just like fashion, more people are embracing mixing and matching styles. Buy and design with what YOU love and your home will be a true representation of YOU!! That is the ultimate goal, right?!


Wood and Natural Stones

I’m seeing more travertine, terracotta and natural stones than ever before. If you’re lucky to have wood ceilings, don’t paint!! A natural stone fireplace.. LUCKY YOU!!

And in my opinion, faux beams are so popular that they will become what faux paneling was in the 70’s. I picture my kids buying their first homes one day and ripping out the 2020 era beams!! But I am currently fully on board with this trend! 😉

Cafe Curtains

This is an easy one to add to your home. It reminds me of the 90’s but in a good way.

What are your favorite trends? And what would you like to see go away for a while?!

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