Essential Advice for Moving to Another State

This is a contributing article written by Jim McKinley at Money with Jim

Are you relocating to another state? You have a lot to do. Keep these essential tips in mind as you plan your move.

Selling Your Current Home and Making It Stand Out

Putting your home on the market is one thing on your list. Working with a real estate agent helps you do so efficiently. Your agent knows pricing trends in your area and can advise you on making improvements to get your home market-ready.

It can be tough to make your house stand out. You’ll need to take care of details such as:
• Making a great first impression with curb appeal
• Getting rid of clutter
• Repairing everything that needs it — loose door handles, peeling wallpaper, leaky faucets, etc.
• Getting your carpets professionally cleaned
• Applying fresh paint to cover flaws or update the look

Take special care to improve your curb appeal so buyers have a positive first impression. If your lawn needs some work, connect with a lawn expert in your area. To find reputable contractors, search “best lawn fertilizer service near me” and carefully review customer feedback and ratings.

Finding a New House

It’s tricky to buy a house long-distance, so working with a skilled Great Falls-area realtor like Kristi Lucero is essential. Take advantage of virtual tours, but try to visit your favorite homes in person to:
• See what the commute is like
• Check out the neighborhood
• Get a feel for the house

Have you considered hiring a relocation specialist? These professionals help you with details such as packing, locating a moving company, shipping your car, and even finding a dentist.

Budgeting for Living Expenses

Groceries cost a little less than the national average in Montana. A family of four spends about $9,200 annually instead of the national average of around $9,400. And daycare for a 4-year-old averages about $7,500 annually, well below the national average of $8,900. Housing costs are slightly below the national average, with home prices averaging about $360,000.

Finding a Job or Starting a Business

If you don’t already have a job, it’s time to find one. Start with research. What are the prominent industries? Who are the biggest companies and employers? How do your career goals line up with the major players?

Once you discover some possibilities, connect with them on social media to help you stay current on their activities and job postings.

You can always consider opening your own business, too. This start a business guide details how. To start, your key to success is creating a business plan to boost your chances of success.

Your ideal business plan should:
• Provide a company description
• Explain how you will market your product
• Outline your company’s business structure
• Give details about funding and financial projections

A business plan is a road map for you and a vital document for investors.


Hopefully, you have time to prepare for your move. Start collecting boxes as soon as you know you’re moving and pack nonessential items early.

Keep only the belongings you know you need or want in your new home. It’s easier and less costly to donate or sell them than to pack them.

Meet the Neighbors

You’re starting over from a social perspective when you move out of state. Here are some ideas for meeting new people:
• Attend community events like festivals and farmers’ markets
• Throw a backyard housewarming party and invite nearby neighbors
• Ask locals for advice on the best hair salon or restaurants

There’s a lot involved when you move to a new state, including selling your home, finding a new one, starting a new business or job, and making the move. Once your move is complete, congratulate yourself. It’s a big deal to relocate
— you’ve earned that housewarming party!

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