2023 Home Design Trends

Now that we are a few weeks in to the new year, hopefully you are all staying on top of your resolutions and meeting your goals. If one of those goals includes updating your home, you may be curious to know what is trending in the interior design world.


It is very clear that Montana is the trending place to be. With the ability to work from home, more and more people are trading in the city life for the great outdoors. And let’s be honest, the show “Yellowstone” has a few people buying into the rustic vibe too.


I’m seeing less open floor plans. People are looking for more privacy in their spaces.


So many top interior designers (espesically Jake Arnold) are starting to integrate brown into their designs. It’s earthy and natural and goes with so many styles. I am on board!


This has been trending for a while but it seems to be going strong. Designers are no longer just painting the walls or an accent wall a color. They are extending the paint from trim to ceiling. Pro tip: paint your trim and doors a higher sheen than the walls. This is a step that I’ve skipped in my own home and I do regret it.


I’m seeing more wood ceilings and even wood paneling! I also love seeing more dark stained wood making an appearance lately!

What do you think of these trends? Did I miss anything major?

I think in some instances you should ignore these types of lists all together and just do what makes you happy. BUT if you are thinking of selling your home, it may not be a bad idea to sneak in a few trends to try to appeal the masses.

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2 thoughts on “2023 Home Design Trends

  1. Nice ideas Kristi!


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