Cute House: Do this to it!

Hello friends! Boy, do I have a fun one for you today. This was easy to put together because I may have been stalking this house for the last two weeks..

The Listing Agent posted an estate sale on FB marketplace and I immediately messaged her for details. I was obsessed. Brady and I went to the sale three times, probably annoying the hell out of the Realtor (who was hosting the sale), and even sent our parents to check it out. We LOVED it and even put in an offer.

Sadly, the sellers decided to wait until it hit the market to respond to offers.. Which I can’t say I blame them, it is going to be very popular Listing. In the meantime, we decided to stay in our current home- a decision I may regret later. BUT I would love to sell to someone else who sees how fabulous it is! If you’re interested, hit me up!

The kitchen is totally original. We think it’s cool but would personally need to modernize. Black or wood cabinets and a natural or handmade tile backspack would look amazing. There is an old copper hood over an indoor grill(!???) that I would try to rework over the stove.

The living room is amazing. I love the windows. They might be old and drafty, but that’s what the copper fireplace is for! And off to the side (not pictured) is what appears to be an old, filled in terranium (maybe?). It would be so cool to make usable again and have a massive tree planted in your great room!

The master just needs some new paint and flooring. It has an entire wall of windows that looks out to the backyard.

My boys would likely share a room since there are only three bedrooms. So I would use it as an excuse to do some built in bunks.

The bathroom is funky to say the least. Currently there are two separate toilet rooms with a shared vanity. But, the layout could be re worked if you prefer more privacy.

The basement would be the ultimate hang out room.

The yard is huge! The original owners, who are selling the home, had it built to feel like a mountain chalet. And I would NOT stray from that vibe.

So what do you think?! What would you do differently? OR would you not touch a thing? Is this your dream home (I know the feeling!)? If so, give me a call and let’s make it happen. I will have a massive folder of inspiration pictures that I can send your way, if your interested. It is truly a rare architectural gem!

*Home is active on the market at the time of this post. If you read this at a later date, the home may be sold or off the market. Contact me to for more information or to find a similar home. All opinions are my own. And of course, there is nothing wrong with this house as it is.. I just got inspired to show what I would do.

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